Kannan Kumar

Dev. Design. Data

I craft Web Experiences that delights users
I push pixels around to make the web a beautiful and usable place.
I play with data trying to teach machines how to learn

You can find me here: LinkedIn, Medium, Twitter

Development Side Projects

WebVR Explorations

Explored multiple use cases of Virtual Reality on the Web like VR Portfolio Gallery, VR 360 degree Analytics.


A gamified learning experience for SAPUI5 built using SAPUI5.

  • Winner of SudoCODE 2014 Hackathon
  • Finalist of SAP TechED DemoJAM 2015
  • #3 in Top 5 Applications built using UI5 in 2016 (UI5Top5)


Curated dose of Design inspirations in the form of quotes from industry leaders and design gurus.


Speech and Text based chat bot explorations.

Design Side Projects

Lord of the Drinks Illustrations

Lord of the Rings Trilogy imagined from a Beer lover's perspective.

Logo Designs

Multiple Logos created over time, some are used and others are unused concepts.

Mobile Store Checkout concept

E-commerce store checkout flow Concept for mobile app

Property Listing App Concept

Concept Exploration for a Property listing web application

TEDxPune Posters

Created multiple event posters for TEDxPune which were used for marketing and promotions.

Other Projects

Miscellaneous designs for various causes.

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Hand-Crafted in India. Contact me at kannanpkumar(at)gmail.com